Early Spring? Can I Plant Tomatoes?

March 31, 2015 The Plant Farm No comments exist
By: Alan Creach

Well this early spring weather is just getting to me like its getting to everybody else, here it is March 30th and we’re having weather like it’s the first of May!

I got the New Holland tractor out this weekend and plowed the garden. I like to plow or turn the ground over early in the season so that all the weed seeds that were sown last fall and all through the winter will germinate then when I plow or till them under in another week to 10 days they die, this means that there are just less weeds to have to dispose of this summer.

Remember we can plant potatoes when the ground temperature gets to be above 40 degrees and it’s well past that now. I’m a little confused about the rest of the garden… the rule of thumb is plant your garden when the snow is off Mica Peak ,what are we going to do? The snow is pretty much gone, does that mean I can go out and plant my tomatoes now? Well you can if you want to. I think I’m going to use a little common sense and consider planting them around the third week of April that’s still a couple, maybe 3 weeks before all danger of frost is past here in the valley.

Right now I’m going to go get some seed potatoes from the Plant Farm and start planting. Remember now is the time to amend your garden soil to correct those pH and nutritional deficiencies. Make a garden plan now and plan for a successful gardening season. Check back here frequently for more great gardening tips!

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