April Fools!

April 2, 2015 The Plant Farm No comments exist

Well is it late May or late February? After weeks of beautiful weather and gardeners everywhere chomping at the bit, winter blew back into Spokane Valley with a flash of lightening and the rumble of Thunder.

In a few short minutes nature laid down a blanket of white ice faster and deeper than most snowfalls last winter. It’s to be expected, after all you know what they say about the weather in the Inland Northwest… “If you don’t like it, stick around 15 minutes… it will change” and today at 10 Am all trace of the snow is gone leaving behind a gentle soaking to the freshly plowed gardens.

Yes it is still time to plant Potatoes, ¬†remember the old timers rule Plant Potatoes on good Friday. For those planning on corn the ¬†first date to plant is the 1st of May that’s only four weeks away.

Remember all the weed seeds from last year and keep working your ground about once a week. This is Alan, the Urban Gardener, writing from the Plant Farm. Remember… LIFE IS BETTER IN THE GARDEN.

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