Snow? What should I do now?

April 6, 2015 The Plant Farm 1 comment

Here it is the second week of April and now we’ve got this snow again. So what should I do? Should I plant or not?

Simply said… yes. The snow won’t last, the weather is warming right on schedule, just don’t plant the tender things like peppers and tomatoes. Strawberries, Cole crops and hardier herbs can be planted.

If you are planting flowers you can plant all the cool weather lovers and even petunias.For those who worked their garden soil a week ago plan on retilling the same soil the end of this week. This kills thousands of newly germinated weed seed before they get big enough to be a problem. If you are still building your soil , use this opportunity to plow in some more compost. stay tuned again for more tips from the Urban Gardener!

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