When is ‘Foliage Season’?

January 13, 2016 The Plant Farm No comments exist

During Poinsettia season a customer asked me an interesting question: When is foliage season?

I hadn’t thought about that before. Everyone knows when spring is, and when it’s mum season. We all know when Poinsettia season is; we even know when cut flower day is, but when is Foliage Season? This is kind of a tricky question. We carry foliage plants all year long but when is the “best” time to buy?

Well there’s a couple of things to understand before answering the question. First, while I’m calling this category of plants, foliage plants, they are better referred to as tropicals or indoor tropicals. Secondly, anytime is the best time to buy plants! So the question still remains, when is foliage season?

Let’s define “season”. In the greenhouse world season refers to three things:

  • When is the product easily available?
  • When is the selection greatest?
  • When is the crop most helpful to the consumer?

For example, now is not petunia season because it would be hard to find petunias in January (availability). If you should find petunias, the selection will be extremely limited. Besides, what would you do with a petunia right now (helpful to the consumer)?

I would say January/February is Foliage Season. For us we’ve just sold out of Poinsettias and now have empty tables. We are looking forward to spring but still have three months before these tables will be full of annuals. We have been focusing on growing tropical plants since November so the availability is great. In addition, we have a wide selection available. Probably most important of all, now is when YOU the consumer need foliage plants the most!

Why do you need foliage plants the most NOW? Because, foliage plants clean the indoor air. They take in carbon dioxide (which is most plentiful in the winter when activity is restricted to indoors) and put out clean fresh oxygenated air!
Catch me next week when I review some of my favorite foliage plants!

– Jessica Creach
Retail Manager

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