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Perennials, Slugs, and Fir Trees!

...because life is better in the garden
Perennials are a great way to add cover and color to your yard! We put together a useful list of our favorite perennials for your yards shady and sunny spots! With this list you can keep your yard full of beautiful blooms all season long. Scroll to the end to find some tips on keeping your garden slug free, and find a big sale on trees!
Shade Perennials
Hostas make for robust groundcover and are an easy way to add variety and color to the shady spaces in your yard. We recommend planting several varieties to really mix it up! You can choose from green, blue, variegated, and chartreuse varieties! Keep scrolling to find out how you can protect them from unwelcome garden guests!
Heuchera, or coral bells, are a great way to add color and texture to shady garden beds. You can use them as evergreen ground cover and depending on the variety you can have blooms all throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.

Helleborus are another great way to add color to a shady yard! These deer resistant plants are known for their large blooms ranging from light pinks and green to dark plum purple.
Dicentra, or bleeding heart is a shade loving perennial that will add color and unique textures to your yard. We recommend mixing them in with large leafed perennials like hostas to add color and texture to your yards shady spots.
Sun Perennials
Peonies are known for their early and long lasting blooms. These hardy plants come in a wide range of blooming colors and beautiful fragrances.
Delphiniums really pull their weight when it comes to blooming! These hard workers are known for their gorgeous blue and purple flowers. They can be a favorite food among slugs and snails... keep reading to find out how you can protect them!
These sun loving flowers come from the sunflower family! Coreopsis are a great way to add color and and attract butterflies.
Salvia, or sage plants will make a wonderful addition to your yard. These pollinator attractors come in a variety of colors and are drought tolerant for the most part. We recommend planting them in a well draining area to help them over-winter.
Oenothera, or evening primrose will thrive where other plants in your hard may struggle. These tough plants will put off beautiful blooms that open in the late afternoon and close the following morning.
How to stick it to slugs!
Have you seen a big increase in slug damage?
Our cool wet spring seems to have the slugs out in full force! The slugs were eating my hosta before they even came all the way up from the ground! See....
I never actually see the slugs but I always see the damage, so this week I'm going to get some bug and slug killer. The bug and slug killer we carry is organic! All you have to do is wet the ground first then sprinkle it around where you don't want slugs and reapply every 4 weeks.

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