Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away!

Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away!
Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away
Warm temperatures are bringing out pesky pests around the Spokane area. The good news is you can use plants to help fight them off! There are many varieties of plants that can help ward off mosquitos while providing beautiful fragrance, pretty blooms and even ingredients for the kitchen! We’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorite mosquito deterring plants that we sell here at The Plant Farm. You can use them in garden beds along your patio or even take a planter with you to your favorite camping spot!
Basil is a natural mosquito repellent and a great crop to have around for recipes. Basil plants put off enough fragrance that you won’t need to crush up the leaves to keep mosquitos away! Basil naturally contains a compound that is toxic to mosquito larvae, so consider putting some plants in next to areas that collect standing water. Basil can be a very aggressive grower so planters are a good option, and you can move them around with you if your new favorite reading spot has mosquitos trying to read over your shoulder!
Lavender produces oils that have a wide range of benefits that have also been shown to be as effective as DEET for keeping mosquitos at bay. This is the perfect plant to use in beds alongside your deck or patio as it produces beautiful blooms and fragrance, as an added bonus lavender is great at attracting pollinators like honey bees and butterflies. For best use as a mosquito repellent rub some oil from the blooms on your skin to keep unwanted bugs away!
Marigolds are a great plant for deterring a wide range of pests both big and small. These colorful bloomers can keep everything from deer to mosquitos out of your garden. Marigolds put off a strong fragrance that smells great to humans, but many animals and insects can’t stand it! Use marigolds as edging plants for vegetable gardens and patio side beds to help keep mosquitoes away.

Citronella is a popular ingredient in a wide range of bug repellents, but did you know you can grow it in your backyard? Citronella is an attractive grass that grows in clumps and puts off nice fragrance to us, but just like these other plants mosquitoes hate it! Citronella can be grown in beds or pots and by just placing a few around where you are hanging out you can make a big impact on mosquito activity.
If you’ve ever run your fingers through a mint plant you know how fragrant they can be! Mint plants are great to have if you’re worried about mosquitos. You can apply oil from crushed leaves to repel mosquitos and if you get bit… you can apply mint to the bite to help the pain and itching go away!

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