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Fishbone Gift Set- Diamond Pot, 4" Plant

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Perfect for the low maintenance plant lover, this gift set is perfect for any collection. This set includes 1 Selenicereus Anthonyanus Fishbone Cactus 4" plant, 1 diamond ceramic pot, and 1 cacti sticker.
Often confused with its cousin the Ric RacCactus, Selenicereus Anthonyanus Fishbone Cactus is an easy to grow cactus that can be hard to find. Native to tropical jungles Fishbone Cactus puts off long trailing arms, this makes it great for sitting on top of a shelf or putting in a hanging pot!

Recommendations for growing success:

Light: Bright filtered light

Water: Low water with less water during the winter months

Humidity: Moderate to high humidity

Temperature: 50 degrees but prefers 60+ degrees