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Halloween Gift Set-Alocasia Black Velvet, 4" Plant

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 Happy Halloween from all of us here at The Plant Farm!

As spooky season creeps upon us, it's time to start pulling out those decorations and planning our costumes! We have the perfect addition to any spooky home decor with this Halloween Gift Set.

This gift set includes 1 Alocasia Black Velvet in a 4" growers pot, 1 Black ceramic Kendall 4" pot, 1 Scarecrow plant stake, and 1 Spooky Alocasia plant sticker.

**Pumpkins/Gourds not included**

**Each plant is unique and may vary in leaf count, but each plant selected will be comparable to the listing photo**

Recommendations for growing success:

Temperature: 65°F -80°F during the day at least 60°F at night. In winter months keep plant at least 65°F.

Light: Medium light during summer and high indirect light in winter.

Humidity: This plants prefers Humidity. Mist leaves frequently.

Water: Keep soil moist at all times