Poinsettia Fundraiser

2020 has been a strange year for all of us which has brought up a lot of questions about moving forward in such a untraditional time. Whether you are looking to raise money for your school, church, or other organization, we at the Plant Farm are here to help. We provide superior Poinsettias and beautiful holiday baskets that your supporters will love as well a sense of getting back to normal in this uncertain time. 

Traditional door to door fundraising in this COVID climate may not be an option. Because of that, we have put together easy to follow instructions for selling online via Google Forms. This platform has been used by groups in the past and we think it will be helpful for you. Google Forms provides a platform where family and friends can order their poinsettias and submit payments via PayPal.  In addition to helping you adhere to the governors social distance mandate, this platform may make it possible for you to reach more individuals than ever before. You will be able to copy and paste your groups unique link into emails or share on social media pages.  You will also have the option to collect donations from supporters outside of your delivery area with a cash donation option. 

Poinsettias are a beautiful holiday staple that have the ability to send life and cheer into homes around the holidays. We grow a large selection of poinsettias in traditional shades such as red, white, and pink, as well as a wide variety of specialty colors. Many size options and decorative add-ons are also available.

Call Asia Or Alyssa today at 509-926-9397 to set up a sale for your group or just get more information.  We got this!