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Acalypha pendula Strawberry Firetails Cuttings (5)


This listing is for 5 Acalypha pendula Strawberry Firetails Cuttings. Strawberry Firetails also know as Chenille Plant, or Red-hot Catstail is an easy to grow houseplant which blooms BEAUTIFUL pink fuzzy blooms.

A cutting is a piece of plant material used to start a new plant. Cuttings are sold with no pot, soil or roots and will come as just vegetative material.

Planting Instructions:

To plant your cuttings get a small pot no larger than a 4" Pot, fill the pot of soil with an all purpose well draining potting soil and moisten soil. Then take each cutting, dip into rooting powder and press into the soil. Make sure to get the eye deep into the soil. The eye is located where the leaf stem and the main stem meet. Lightly water the cuttings in and place in a greenhouse environment with bright indirect light. If you do not have a greenhouse you can place your pot inside of a sealed ziploc bag in bright indirect light. Don`t forget to keep your cuttings moist and in a few weeks you`ll notice the cuttings have begun to develop roots, at this point you can remove the plant from the ziploc bag.