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Aeonium Zwartkop Plug

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Aeonium Zwartkop has an amazing color of a deep burgundy to full black, with glossy pointed leaves and is sure to make a statement. Aeonium Zwartkop grows golden star shaped flowers in the spring. 

A plug is a rooted starter plant with a very little amount of soil. Your plug will ship as it with no pot. Please expect that your plug looks dirt during the shipping process. This is ok because the most important part is the root.

The most successful way to grow a plug is to immediately plant into an appropriate size pot and water your plug.

Light: Partial to full sunlight. 

Watering: Low watering, however it will require more watering than most succulents. Water when leaves are no longer plump and may look slightly shriveled. 

Soil: Use a well draining soil.


Ceramic pot not included. Please view our shipping policy located below under the "Shipping" tab.