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Aeschynanthus Lipstick Mona Lisa

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Lipstick Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Lipstick is by far one of the prettiest Lipstick plants available today, just look at the fine details on the bloom. For any plant lover this is a must.The botanical name for lipstick plant is Aeschynanthus, although lipstick plants are commonly confused for Columnea. The big difference because Columnea and Aeschynanthus is found in the bloom, Columneas have a more prominent bloom while aeschynanthus are not as prominent. Both Columneas and Aeschynanthus have beautiful tubular blooms.

Recommendations for growing success:

Temperature: 60°F -80°F during the summer at least 55°F during winter

Light: Bright light but no direct sunlight

Water: Allow the soil to dry out in between watering

Humidity: prefers a humid environment for blooming



**How to Propigate Cuttings**

To propagate lipsticks, first get a pot of soil and wet the soil. Then drip the cuttings into rooting powder. Then press the cuttings into the soil where the tip of the leaf is pointed upwards and only half of the leaf is showing. The most important part is making sure the eye is deep in the soil. The eye is located where the leaf stem and the main stem meet.

After planting water and place in a greenhouse, if you don't have a greenhouse you can place in a Ziploc bag in indirect sunlight, don't remove air from bag. Don't forgot to check the plant for water from time to time and soon you will have a new plant.


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