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Check out our Visit Us section for the latest local spring updates!

Calathea Lancifolia Rattlesnake Kokedama

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 Kokedama is a Japanese word that translates to "moss ball". These are great for small spaces and they can grow with your plant! Lancifolia is a tight clumping Calathea with highly decorative long wavy-edged leaves that are light green in color with dark spots. The underside of the leaves are a soft reddish purple. A great landscaping filler for shady spots in the garden, or ornamental pot plant.

Each plant is unique you might not receive the exact plant in the photo but you will receive one as similar as possible. Expect that some dirt will have come loose in transit, the most important part is that the roots are in tact and healthy. The best way to care for your plant is to immediately water it and place it in bright, indirect light.

When watering a kokedama, fill a container with water and allow the moss ball to sit, submerged in the water with the plant end up, for 10-20 minutes, or when it has been fully saturated with water. Allow the kokedama to drip dry after it's been removed from the container. You'll want to water your kokedama when it starts to feel light or at least once a week. Moss balls also appreciate a good misting in addition to soaking. These are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens due to how warm and humid they are, but you'll want to keep them away from drying vents, heaters, outside doors, and open windows.

Recommendations for growing success:

Light: Partial shade to indirect sunlight

Soil: Use well draining soil

Humidity: This plant loves humidity so consider a pebble tray or humidifier

Watering: In warmer seasons keep soil moist at all times, in the winter allow the soil to dry out a bit between watering


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