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Philodendron Swiss Cheese Hanging Plant 6"

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This listing is for 1 HARD TO FIND!! Philodendron Swiss Cheese in a 6" Hanging Pot. Philodendron Swiss Cheese (Monstera obliqua) is a highly coveted plant and can be difficult to find. The Swiss Cheese plant can be grown as a hanging plant (as need in the photo) or can be grown to climb on a stake. The Philodendron family is an extremely slow to root plant, sometimes it is best to start in water just so you can see progress. Except that the leaf will turn yellow and ugly during the rooting process.

Each plant is unique you might not receive the exact plant in the photo but you will receive one as similar as possible.


From time to time things will arrive damaged, please send a photo of damage product on the day of arrival and we will get you a replacement on the next shipping day.