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Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!
Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!

Hoya Starter Pack - Kentiana, DS 70 Variegated, Pubicalyx Splash, and Lacunosa Mint, 2" Plants

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This listing is for a gift set of 4 Hoya plants in 2" growers pots: Hoya Kentiana Green, Hoya DS 70 Variegated, Hoya Pubicalyx Splash, and Hoya Lacunosa Mint. Hoyas make beautiful houseplants and when cared for properly they bloom parachute clusters of star-shaped flowers with five-point centers like nothing else! 

Recommendations for growing success:

Soil: Use a well draining soil

Watering: Water thoroughly, allowing soil to dry out during growing season. Reduce watering during winter

Lighting: Bright indirect sunlight

Ceramic pots not included. Please view our shipping policy located below under the "Shipping" tab. Not all items offered online are available in-store.