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Lepismium Cruciforme


Lepismium Cruciforme is native to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The Lepismium Cruciforme is a unique plant that has long succulent stems and small fuzzy and white thorns and can turn maroon in full sun.  

Recommendations for growing success:

Light: Bright filtered light

Water: Not drought-tolerent so don't let the soil dry out. Overwatering can cause weak stems.

Temperature: 50 degrees but prefers 60+ degrees 

A cutting is a piece of plant material used to start a new plant. Cuttings are sold with no pot, soil or roots and will come as just vegetative material.

The most successful way to root a cutting is to dip the cutting into root powder then plant into a small container or an appropriate size for the number of cuttings.


Recommendations for growing success:


Light: Bright indirect light, thrives in east-facing windows

Water: Keep soil lightly moist while rooting

Repotting: Rootbound plants like to flower more often, no need to repot


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