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Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!
Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!

Low Variegation Begonia Listada, 2" Plant

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Listada Begonias are a beautiful plant that can be grown in as a houseplant or a shade annual. The soft textured, oblong leaves are highly defined with emerald green veins on a deep green background. These plants are grown almost exclusively for their foliage, as their blooms tend to be small and less showy.

These plants are showing just a smidge of variegation. The photos show several examples of the variegation levels of these plants. Each plant is unique and may not look exactly like the plants in the pictures, but it will be as similar as possible.

Recommendations for growing success:

Light: Medium to bright indirect sunlight

Watering: Allow soil to almost dry out between watering

Soil: Use a well draining soil

Humidity: Boost humidity during winter or if the tips of the leaves begin to brown

Repotting: Repot plant in the spring, if the plant becomes rootbound it will lose its color

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