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Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!
Grow Your Knowledge with Our Plant Care Blogs Here!

Philodendron 2" Gift Set! Get all 4 - Philodendron Punctata, Philodendron Rubrum CV Pink, Philodendron Selloum Gold, Philodendron Sun Red

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This listing is for 1 Philodendron Gift Set. This set includes 1 Philodendron Punctata, 1 Philodendron Rubrum CV Pink, 1 Philodendron Selloum Gold, and 1 Philodendron Red Sun in 2" pots (ceramic pots not included). Add pops of color and easy to care for plants to your collection with this fun gift set! These make wonderful gifts for others or are just a great way to treat yourself!

Recommendations for growing success: 

Light: Medium indirect light, some shade is tolerated

Water: Water thoroughly, let soil dry out between waterings

Repotting: Repot every 2-3 years as needed.

Ceramic pot not included. Please view our shipping policy located below under the "Shipping" tab. Not all items offered online are available in-store.