The Plant Farm Houseplants Piperaceae Piper Nigrum, 4" Plant
The Plant Farm Houseplants Piperaceae Piper Nigrum, 4" Plant

Piperaceae Piper Nigrum, 4" Plant

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Piper nigrum is a tropical plant that produces the popular black and white peppercorns. This is a woody stemmed vine with veined, dark green leaves that  appear at the nodes on stout but flexible climbing stems. It may also be grown in containers as a houseplant with an attached trellis or in a hanging basket. Containers may be taken outside for the warm summer months. Use a rich potting soil with good drainage. Mist foliage frequently. Indoor houseplants will not usually produce fruit. Houseplants are intolerant of winter temperatures below 50 degrees F.

 Recommendations for growing success:

Temperature: 65°F -80°F during the day at least 60°F at night. In winter months keep plant at least 65°F.

Light: bright indirect sun

Humidity: This plants prefers Humidity. Mist leaves frequently.

Water: Keep soil moist at all times

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