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Kokedama Pothos Care

Kokedama Pothos Care


Pothos like bright, indirect light (near a Southern or Western window, just outside of where a cat would like to sunbathe).



How often you water your Kokedama will depend on what plant you use and the location you keep it in.

How light or heavy your moss ball is can also be an indicator as to whether the plant needs to be watered or not; the lighter it is, means that the soil surrounding your roots holds a lower amount of water.

To water your Kokedama, soak the ball in a bowl or saucer of water for 30-60 minutes, allowing the water to absorb to the roots. You can also add a teaspoon of your favorite houseplant fertilizer to the bowl to boost your plant’s health during the Spring and Summer seasons. Let the Kokedama drip dry a bit before returning it to its display.



For our class we used Pothos, which can tolerate different types of environments, but prefer to be in bright to medium indirect light. They like to be watered when they are dry about halfway down the soil. Since you cannot see the soil in your Kokedama ball, this can be a bit tricky to determine. However, the weight of your Kokedama ball will tell you a lot about how much moisture remains. Additionally, if your pothos is starting to dry out too much the leaves will start to droop and the ends may curl.


Trimming and Replanting -Eventually:

Similar to Bonsai, Kokedama culture involves keeping your plant trimmed back, however, the look you want is up to you! Eventually the plant will use up the available soil and you will need to cut the twine. You can either choose to move the plant to a traditional pot or start the fun again!


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