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Acalypha Pendula Strawberry Firetails, 6" Plants

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Strawberry Firetails, also know as Chenille Plant, Acalypha or Red-hot Catstail are an easy to grow houseplant. Acalypha have woody stems and make beautiful hanging plants. When in bloom this plant produces a long pink fluffy tassel that is very soft, hence the nickname Chenille plant. 

Recommendations for growing success:

Water: Water regularly, do not let this plant dry out.

Temperature: Warmth is important, keep between 65°F - 80°F during the day and at least 60°F at night.

Light: Bright indirect light.

Humidity: Moist air is key to keeping an Acalypha happy! Set pot on a pebble tray or surround with moist peat moss. Mist leaves often to ensure the plant gets enough moisture. 

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